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Our all-natural products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to people and animals.   They are made by us in our home, and we use them in our home.  We are animal enthusiasts and have children, so we care about what they breath. 


Mrs. Clean Green’s Elbow Grease
Elbow Grease is a citrus ‘enzyme’ cleaner, made of fermented citrus. The fermenting process lasts approximately 3 weeks to a month, and then the filtration process is begun, which requires another week. The result is one of the best all- around cleaners and sanitizers that I have ever used, whether commercial or ‘green’, or even anything I’ve ever used that I made myself. You can also mix it at a higher strength than the recommended 2:3, Elbow Grease to water. The concentrate can be used in many applications and strengths. I urge you to experiment. My most frequent use for it is as a cleaning and sanitizing spray for cleaning kitchen counter-tops, appliances, glass surfaces, etc. I use it exclusively now for cleaning both mirrors and windows. It is especially potent when sprayed onto a layer of applied Soft Scrub and allowed to sit for a few minutes, for tougher, caked on grime. (I cannot recommend the Soft Scrub/Elbow Grease combination for stone or faux-stone finished counter-tops, as the mildly abrasive scrub can dull the finish over time.) Mrs. Clean Green’s Elbow Grease is a natural product, and the ingredients will separate. I like to keep the concentrate in the refrigerator for maximum freshness, although it isn’t absolutely necessary. If you use it up fairly quickly, it will be fine just stored in a cool, dark place. In either case, shake well before placing into the spray bottle, then add the water and shake well again, and each time before using.

The smell of Elbow Grease is unique. It dissipates quickly, however, and leaves a freshness in its wake. In any case, it is a natural smell, and completely harmless to you and to the environment. You will never find fake or unnatural smells associated with our products. The aromas of our products are natural, and involve only real ingredients and pure essential oils.

Mrs. Clean Green’s Wood Magic
Wood Magic is a hard-hitting wood cleaner/polisher, as well as a leather conditioner for some applications. It works wonders on older wooden surfaces, especially to clean ground in grime. It requires some work, but it’s worth it when you see the dirt coming up on your cleaning cloth. Depending on the age and condition of your wooden surface, you might want to put on several coats, either in one session or in several different sessions. On newer, smoother finishes, you might have to buff it out more than once. Be careful to apply sparingly and in small circles until you get a feel for how the wood will react to the product.   For leather, I urge you to do a spot test in an inconspicuous place on the leather item before applying the product widely. I use it to clean the inside of my car; the dash, side panels, seats, etc. You just can’t put it on in huge amounts. Controlled application is the key to success when using this product.
For maximum freshness and potency, your product will be mixed and packaged in the week preceding the market date when you purchase it.

Mrs. Clean Green’s Soft Scrub
Soft Scrub is just what its name says. It is soft, and it scrubs. It is awesome for any task that needs some extra help. I like to pair it with the spray-on Mrs. Clean Green’s Elbow Grease for tougher, caked on grime in the kitchen, or the bathrooms. Or really, anywhere that can use an abrasive cleanser. I do NOT advise using this product on any stone or faux-stone counter-tops. All my research has told me that it could scratch and dull those finishes over time. But for stainless steel kitchen sinks and around faucets and fixtures, or in the bathroom tub, sink, toilet, or most any bathroom surface, it is a great lightly abrasive, freshly scented, natural non-toxic cleaner to have in your cleaning closet. Mrs. Clean Green’s Soft Scrub comes in three scents: Citrus, Peppermint, and Lavender. For maximum freshness and potency, your product will be mixed and packaged in the week preceding the market date when you purchase it.

Mrs. Clean Green’s Puppy Love
Puppy Love is a delightfully fresh take on pet shampoo. It contains only natural, soothing and healing ingredients. With its natural vitamin E oil, balanced Ph formula, and gentle castile soap, it is simply a great bath for your puppy, and the light lavender scent helps repel fleas. You will find that it does not ‘suds’ very much. That’s because it contains no man-made chemical surfactants which cause the foaming action we are used to, and which is not really necessary in the cleaning of your pet. Surfactants also negatively impact aquatic life and ecosystems. I have never liked the massive suds from commercial shampoos anyway, they are too close to the dog’s face and can be accidentally inhaled or get into their eyes, even when you are being very careful. I urge you to avoid using even this product near your pet’s face, as the lavender essential oil could sting their eyes. This 16 ounce bottle is concentrated to make two bottles.  Simply shake the product well, pour half into another empty 16 ounce bottle and top off with water.  Top the original bottle off with water, and voila!  :)   For maximum freshness and potency, your product will be mixed and packaged in the week preceding the market date when you purchase it.

Mrs. Clean Green’s Produce Bath.
If you are buying lots of produce these days, Mrs. Clean Green’s Produce Bath is your new best friend, and one you’ll want to keep on hand during the growing seasons. Produce Bath is a concentrated formula containing balanced Ph ingredients, and antimicrobial/antibacterial compounds. The grapefruit seed extract is a powerful addition to your usual ‘vinegar/citrus/water’ soak, and will go further and deeper in cleaning your produce of dirt, debris and pests, and help mitigate any pesticides applied to crops not grown under organic conditions. It can be utilized as a soak, at a ratio of 1 cup of the concentrate to 8 cups of water, or as a spray at the ratio of one/half cup to 16 ounces of water. I recommend the use of this product as a soak, and the length of time and strength of your mix should be a reflection of the condition of the produce you are cleaning. As a spray it could be beneficial in cleaning small amounts of fruit like apples or pears or plums, etc., or raw vegetables of most descriptions, for immediate consumption. Otherwise, a good soak in the Produce Bath and a couple of good rinses will render your produce clean and ready to store until you are ready to turn it into a tasty meal! For maximum freshness and potency, your product will be mixed and packaged in the week preceding the market date when you purchase it. 

***All products packaged in HDPE plastic bottles and containers. HDPE is highly recyclable and environmentally friendly.***


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